Trip to Nadhipura


Adi and Ashi are taking their first trip on their magical Hubble-Shuttle to the quaint little village of Nadhipura. They enjoy the wonders of the village and then their adventure  begins when a little village boy named Ghochu gets washed away by the current of the rushing water of a canal! Its up to Adi and Ashi to save him. Will they get there in time? Will little Ghochu be saved? A great way to initiate your child towards good values like helping and teamwork.

Trip to Ayodhya


Adi and Ashi are now going back in time in their magical Hubble-Shuttle to the city of Ayodhya. What happened there that made Lord Ram leave his kingship and go away to the forest for 14 years? What is the reason behind the festival of Diwali? Who was Ravana? Adi and Ashi have so many questions and they wanted to see what happened there for themselves. Wondering how to explain to your child the entire Ramayana? Look no further as 'Trip to Ayodhya' is a beautifully illustrated, easy-to-understand , wonderfully interactive eBook that explains the entire story of Diwali in a fun and simple way.


Where will they go next???

Adi and Ashi are wondering where to go next in their magical Hubble-Shuttle...


A little more about Adi and Ashi

Adi and Ashi love to travel to different places in their magical Hubble-Shuttle and discover new places and explore everything around them... Journey with them through myths and mysteries on Adi and Ashi's Travelogues!