Treasure Trove Publications is a small independent start- up company that was nurtured in 2015 and blossomed in 2016. Our primary focus is to publish books that are child – centered, besides being user – friendly in every sense of the word. We aim to create books that are fun and learning- oriented, thereby making reading and interaction a lasting pleasure.

   Treasure Trove Publications is a fast- growing publishing house whose creative thoughts and ideas in both fiction and non- fiction are directed to our targeted audience of children who are within the age group of 0 to 15 years.

More about our Books

Treasure Trove books are essentially child- centered, fun to read and interact with and at the same time quite user- friendly. However, more importantly, it kindles the creative and adventurous spirit within the child and makes him reflect on what is good and what is bad. The stories are rather interesting and captivating, but at the same time include subtle morals that contribute to nurturing and building the child’s character and shaping their personality.

The layout and appearance of these eBooks are beautifully illustrated and designed, so as to be aesthetically attractive and appealing to all the kids and parents who handle them. These ebooks are very colorful and kindle the child’s curiosity to check out the interactive media on each page, while listening to the digital audio reading of the story. In case the child or parent likes to read the story aloud by themselves, we have provided the option of highlighted text to make it easier and guide them along.

Innovative ideas that are creative and appealing is the hallmark of our success and therefore, we make use of highly skilled personnel who are committed to doing their best to provide good quality work. Some of these ideas include interactive apps, multimedia and text- highlighting for all touch – screen devices, tablets and smart phones, which help to engage children in a more meaningful manner.



Shalini Singh Balaji

Founder & CEO

Where our eBooks are available...

Our eBooks are available for all IOS and Android devices on the iStore and Google PLAY