Our Mission

We at Treasure Trove believe in bringing the magic of reading to every child. So with wonderful stories, gorgeous graphics, fun interactions and easy accessibility on all devices, our new series "Adi and Ashi's Travelogues" will keep your little one entertained and always asking for some more reading time!

Once upon a Time...

If you are a book lover then you would understand what I'm about to say...

When I was a child, I had to go on a trip... I was packing my bags and looking forward to long train journey from Chennai to Delhi, which in those days started at night, continued on through the whole of the next and finally reached the following morning. This would mean that I  could read to my hearts content while watching the green fields pass by and hearing the constant chug of the train. Stuffing a pile of books into my bag I silently gazed at all those books that I was leaving behind and stuffed some more into another bag and then some more... but it felt like I was leaving so much more behind . At that time I remember wishing with all my heart that I could carry all my books with me somehow in a mysteriously magical way.

Now 25 years later that has actually happened! what do you know?!

Then came my baby and I wondered if somehow I could keep him interested while on a journey not with games but with wonderful stories... Some of the stories I found were very beautiful but some did not appeal to him somehow... Then I wished that he could learn about the place we were travelling to in an interesting story...And thats when struck an idea where I would bring together the mystical and the real... Thus was written Adi and Ashi's Travelogues ... These two friendly characters travel to different lands in their magical HUBBLE-SHUTTLE and have the most wonderful adventures!